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Apr. 4th, 2010

I don't think I'll ever get into updating this again.
As much as I get on LJ, I enjoy my twitter and tumblr and facebook too much to bother updating this for real.


new friend's only post.

friends only.
my life is cool (:


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This journal is officially FREINDS ONLY!

You want me to add you? Follow these rules:

1: Add me to your friends list 2: Then request me as a friend

I will most likely say yes because I love having new journals to read.

Just make sure you like to comment on entry's because I do and I expect you to comment on mine if I comment on yours. That so hard??

Friends Only

I am gonna be making this journal friends only. Anyone who wants to be added before I do this leave a comment.

Some people I know I have as a mutual friend are...

Maria, Mike, Justin, Kate, Ally, Alex, and some people who like Julian as much as me.




well actually it was yesterday, but I forgot to say it......

Well Ave` talked to Xavier and he hates me for some UNKNOWN reason!! He even told her that we were never BFFs and I can't even believe he would say that! We have been BFFs since KINDERGARTEN! This time I actually cried when I found out that he said that. I swear, why get close to guys? God, I really can't take it anymore, I mean last year in school we were so close, and then all of a sudden he hates me!!! I don't know what his problem is but there is no way to find out now. I don't wanna know either because it will just break my heart even more...

Wedding Crashers

Well I woke up and watched Charmed then I read Harry Potter and called Greg. Me, him, and JD went up to the school and rode around and watched Napolean Dynamite on JD's PSP. We saw Sikorski and he was like bald! I don't know what the hell happened to his hair but WOW! He took his shirt off and damn was he hott. Haha me and greg were running away from him though.

Then we went to Greg's house and his mom took us to see WEDDING CRASHERS! Can you believe it? haha it was the best fucking movie ever! It was so hilarious. When we first got there no one was in the theater and then some other people came in but only a few. It's rated R for a lot of things but Nuditiy is DEFINATELY one of them. Haha when they were at the dinner table and she was grabbing his balls it was so hilarious! And the old lady was talking about Todd and she called him a homo! haha we were laughing so hard. Then she went to get up and her son tried to help her and she was like I can do it myself asshole! Man we were laughing so hard and no one but US was laughing. And when Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) came running out screaming and the lady was chasing him with a gun we were laughing harder than anyone. This movie was so fucking funny and I can't believe I got to see it! I give it a 10!!!!

Well 10 1/2 cause Vince was so hott!

Heartbreak is Hell

The party was fun except for Xavier. I think i told you how Ashely Jones was telling him all that shit that I never said. Well I tried to tell him it wasn't true and he wouldn't even listen to me! I was like gonna cry, he made me feel like shit and I didn't even wanna do anything. When the last song came on it was that song that goes "ever since the day you ran away and left me lonley and cold, my life just hasn't been the same, no baby no."

Well he looked at me and I looked away and I just was like gonna start crying because I still like him and he used to like me. Who knows if he still does now... *starts crying*


Well I woke up and went to church. Saw one of my favorite people in the world (haha you know who it is kate). I went to get Kayla and Brianna presents. Then me and my dad went to Bob Evans to eat and then...I came home and read Harry Potter but THEN my mom calls me into the kitchen saying she had to tell me something. OMG!

Well she goes, I was talking to one of my friends at work and I told her we went to a 3 Doors Down concert. And she said HER COUSIN IS THE LEAD GUITARIST AND SHE GOES TO CONCERTS ALL THE TIME AND GOES BACKSTAGE!!!

She is gonna get me autographs and pictures and everything! I can't fucking wait! I mean wow, her cousin!! I so wish I was related to one of them. Damn that is so awesome!!!!!!!!! She gets to hang out with the band at almost every concert, I so wish I could do that. Oh well autographs will have to be enough!


Does anyone know if the band reads their MySpace messages? Because I was gonna send them a message asking about her since they obviously know her.

ahh im so happy!

Funny how you think they're your friends...

Don't you love it how people who you think are your friends don't invite you to their party, but they invite a bunch of other people, some of who hate their guts? So going to this one party I realized that if it wasn't so big I wouldn't have been invited, I know I wouldn't have. So now I officially restrict my birthday party to my CLOSEST friends! Haha just wait till my sweet sixteen party! See how many 'preppy cheerleaders' aren't invited!!! Some of them are my good friends though, but not all of them! Revenge is a bitch, and they are gonna get it.